Faculty of Nursing Science

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The students are trained as follows: -

          The first level students (20 hours per week , the second-level students 20 hours a week , the third level students 16 hours a week , the fourth level students 23 hours a week and the fifth level students 27 hours per week .


Training begins from eight o'clock am to one pm .

    Students are train in the practical application of nursing skills and clinical care within Laboratories of faculty and hospital in the following sections (medicine wards and surgery wards) to the level of the first and the second and fourth .

      Sections of bone emergency, general emergency , radiology, laboratory, surgery emergency, physical therapy , blood bank and the dialysis unit .

Emergency of gynecology and obstetrics, the delivery room (Divides the students into two groups morning and evening ), women and maternity wards for students of level III and IV .