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Mission & VIsion

Faculty of Nursing was established and became an independent college which had its own administrative and academic board in addition to some academic departments and an administration to run it under the supervision of the National Council for Higher Education, to train sufficient number of males and females to work as qualified nurses To work locally, regionally and internationally

Welcome From the Dean

I am honored and extremely proud to introduce to you the Faculty of Nursing Sciences, University of Khartoum. The Faculty was established in 1950s as a college that awarded Diploma in Nursing, with the contribution of the WHO. The main objective was to graduate female nurses well equipped for both preventive and curative nursing to be part of the health team to ensure the maximum health benefits to individuals and community at large. Read more...
About us


Our History For Faculty of Nursing

 The Sudan Ministry of Health established, with support from WHO, the Higher College of Nursing in 1956 to graduate girls with diploma to work with the health team, in both preventive and curative fields, to raise the standard of individuals, family and society. The college was affiliated in 1973 to the Ministry of Higher Education.Read more...



Dean :

  Dr. Faiza Ali Nasor Taha

  Faculty of Nursing - University of Khartoum


 Deputy Dean for Administrative Affairs :

 Dr. fageery Mohammed Yassin

  Assistant Professor - Department of  Fundamentals of Nursing &  Basic Sciences

  Faculty of Nursing - University of Khartoum , E-mail :  Fageer_1963@yahoo.com


Deputy Dean for acadimic Affairs :

Dr. Zakia Abdelrahman Ahmed Ibrahim

Faculty of Nursing - University of Khartoum,


Registrar :

T. Amal ibrahim elamin



Dr. Amira Adam Mohammed Adam

Head Department : obstetric and gynaecological nursing


Dr. Nagla Mohamed Ibrahim Mustafa

Head department : pediatri nursing

images Dr. Iman Awad Siddig Mohammed
Head department :  Community health nursing
images Dr. Wathba Garelnabi Abdelrahim Safi
Head department : Medical Nursing

Dr. Safa Mohammed Mohammed Nour

Head department : surgical nursing