Department of Medical Nursing

Medical Nursing

Ththe Department receives the students coming from the first year, trains them in hospitals, and teach how to deal with actual patients, construct their skills and promote their self-confidence.

Department activities include:

  1. Teaching and training of the 2nd year students in Medical Nursing (1) and Medical Nursing (2).
  2. Teaching and training of the 4thyear students in Applied Medical Nursing and research supervision.
  3. Teaching and training of the 5thyear students in Medical Surgical (1) and (2) and research supervision.
  4. Teaching and training of Master Degree students in the medical surgical specialty and supervise their research.
  5.  Teaching PhD students in medical nursing specially and most of the PhD students are registered in this specialty.
  6.   A very important research, which will play a great role in patient education and health promotion, is being conducted by the staff of the Department.
  7.   The Department has several workshops on nursing to be conducted soon.

N Number of MSc student by batch:-

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