Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing

Introduction Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing was introduced since the establishment of the Nursing College in 1956 as a part of Community and Mental Health Nursing Department until December 2012. Then,

it was separated from Community and Mental Health Nursing Department to be an independent department called Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing Department to meet the evolution of psychiatric nursing.


1-   BSC:

A- Introduces the course of Mental Health Nursing as a part of the curriculum for the 4th year students (Nursing BSc) over a period of 15 weeks. The purpose of the course is to develop the abilities and knowledge of general nurse regarding dealing with patient suffering from or prone to develop any of the disturbances in mental health. It introduces the student to the basic structure and principles of a mental health nursing practice.

B-  Teaches the course of Psychology to the 1st year students.

C-  Teaches the course of Sociology to the 1st year students.

2-   MScin Psychiatric Nursing started 1999

-       This degree is taught over a period of four semesters, 15 weeks each semester. It is designed to assist students in developing expertise and in depth understanding of the field of Psychiatric Nursing.

3-   PhD in Psychiatric Nursing started in 2010

         - To develop and improve the Psychiatric Nursing services, prepare researchers for the promotion of nursing services in its various fields.

 Number of MSC students by batch:-

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